Satyaki Study Room

Winner Institute provide you Satyaki Study Room along with variety of features.

Satyaki is a biggest Abhyasika (study room) in Maharastra. Satyaki means ‘Rider of your education Chariot’. Satyaki is for the benefit of hardworking students.

This is based on “no profit & no loss” for students of banking, MPSC, UPSC, CAT etc.

Satyaki studyroom in Pune

Variety of Features

Total Area:5000 Sq. fit

Capacity:2000 students

Parking:2000 Sq. fit

Light:200 tubes in 3 Halls

News papers:60 copies

Magazines:more than 30

Internet:Wifi enabled

Security:4 secutiry guards

Satyaki studyroom in Pune

Surrounded with natural beauty & complete silence

Completely isolated from traffic noise & polution

Comfortable sitting arrangment with cushion

Aquaguard filtered cool drinking water

12 desert coolers

Seperate hall for taking lunch & dinner

10 bathrooms & toilets